Replacing Roofs Damaged by Mother Nature Year-Round

We have over 35 years of construction experience. The expert contractors at Reliable Roofing and Construction in Lenexa KS are familiar with all aspects and components of most buildings. From a single family home to multi story commercial buildings we understand how the building goes together. This means that all damage can be located and just as important what is required to repair and replace the damaged components.

Being one of the most trusted companies in Lenexa, Reliable Roofing and Construction focuses on roof replacement because the roof is the most important aspect of a buildings weather resistance. After the entire roof does more than just look good, it protects the contents and occupants of the building.

We will perform a through storm damage inspection just like the insurance companies do. We will identify collateral damage and actual hail damage.

Reliable Roofing just isn’t a name

Having to redo a roof can be a well thought out process or can needs to be done in an instant. Reliable Roofing comes with the proven success that leaves our customers satisfied and happy for years to come.

Commercial Roofing

We provide roofing for all types of commercial buildings. Contact us now to see what we can do for yours.


We make sure your home or building never leaks, and that’s guaranteed.

Services that we offer

  • Hail damage
  • Roofing Maintenance
  • Roofing Refurbishing
  • Roof Construction
  • Everything Else
Great for repair in need and insurance claims, will fight for you and your claim.

We can fix all issues big and small
Turn your roof into something special that will last for years to come

Building a new home or commercial building? Put the finishing touches on with Reliable Roofing

Mother Nature and old structures can be unpredictable sometimes, no matter what comes your way, we’ve got your back.

What our clients say

Janet R.

Reliable Roofing was excellent. They were on time and cost effective. I was treated fairly and felt confident with everything they told me.

David V.

I called them for a problem and to my surprise they showed up within 2 hours and fixed the issue in no time.

Nina J.

They were great to deal with - showed up and took care of my roofing needs and took care of my hail damage that I had on my roof.

Roofing Emergencies

We are the fastest to act in the area. No matter the problem we will be there and fix the problem in no time.

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